Spaceballs, the Movie Costumes

Shown in Picture are two [characters] from Mel Brook’s moving, Spaceballs, combing the desert. These costumes were both hand made […]

Star Wars Family Costumes

I made an R2D2 costume out of a garbage can and a bowl. My wife made a C3PO costume by […]


Star Fox Costumes

This incredible detailed Star Fox costume captures the look of spaceship pilot Fox McCloud perfectly. This is a costume best […]


Futuristic Space Girl Costumes

If you want to look like you’re from the future you can’t go wrong with shiny silver clothes. With the […]

Toy Story 2 Family Costumes

Toy Story 2 Family Costumes

This Halloween, we dressed up as characters from the Toy Story 2: Buzz Light Year, Jessie, and Woody. The Woody […]

Rocket Dog!

Faster then a speeding mail-man, more powerfull then a Tiiiny locamotive, It’s.. ROCKET DOG!!!— Ok, this one took a lot […]

Astroman Costumes

Astroman Costumes

My son wanted to be Astroman from his favorite alphabet book SuperHero ABC. Submited by Wendy Ing, Brooklyn, NY

Enterprise Dog Costume

Look, if you’re going to dress your dog up like the starship Enterprise at least finish the job. Clearly this […]

echo the astromutt

echo as an astronaut Submitted by david,

Futurama Zapp Brannigan Costume

Futurama Zapp Brannigan Costume

“I am the man with no name, Zapp Brannigan at your service.” This costume is straight out of Futurama and […]

Wall-E and Eve Costumes

Wall-E and Eve Costumes

These homemade Wall-E and Eve costumes are great, especially the LED lights used for Eve’s eyes.

Space Invader Egg Carton Cup

Space Invader Egg Carton Cup

Invade the earth on a budget in this easy to make Space Invader costume. All it takes is some paper […]

How to Make an Astronaut Costumes

How to Make an Astronaut Costume

Blasting off to your next Halloween party in a homemade astronaut costume will surely make you the talk of the […]

Astronaut Costumes

Just the idea of the astronaut is one that can spark the imaginations of people everywhere.  The idea that man […]