Carnage from Spiderman Costumes

This is all handmade from scratch. My little superhero decided to go villainous this year and become Spider-Man’s arch nemesis […]

Spiderman Doctor Octopus Costumes

This impressive Doctor Octopus costume doesn’t make things look so great for our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.


Spider Sense Peter Parker Costumes

We always thought it was clever how comic book artists would illustrate Peter Parker having a Spider sense moment, now […]


Zombie Spiderman Costumes

Yeah, we thought Marvel was crazy for the whole Marvel Zombies spin-off comic, but at least it lead to an […]

Superhero Sculptures by Adrian Tranquilli

Usually we think of our favorite heroes as unbreakable and forget that they are human, just like us… except that […]

Comic Book and Movie Characters Roundtable

Warning: This video contains some foul language you might not normally expect from these characters. A talented actor, Jon Bumpus, […]

Marvel Comic and Disney Hybrids

Since the news hit that Disney bought Marvel Comics, some creative Photoshop artists have imagined possible crossover ideas. While we’re […]

Marvel Spiderman Plush Backpack

You’ll never have to worry because your friendly neighborhood Spiderman has totally got your back. This plush Spiderman backpack keeps […]

Superhero Costumes

One of the great aspects of the superhero costume is that kids of all ages can get in on the […]

Spider Costume

There is a good reason why people are scared of spiders. In the world today, there are over 40,000 spider […]

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