Star Wars

Star Wars Child’s Deluxe Princess Leia Costume

If your child wants to be Princess Leia for Halloween, first of all, congratulations on your parenting skills. Second of […]

Darth Vader Child’s Costume

Star Wars has produced some fantastic characters and villains, in fact, best of luck finding a better movie villain that […]

Darth Maul Cosplay - CostumePop

Awesome Clone Wars Darth Maul Cosplay

This cosplay features the Clone Wars version of Darth Maul (you know, from after he was sabered in half in […]

Coplay Roundup - Issue 3

Cosplay Roundup – Issue 3

Here is some really great cosplay to inspire you! Catwoman from Batman (1989) One of the most popular versions of Catwoman done […]

Star Wars Bantha Pet Costume - Costume Pop

Star Wars Bantha Pet Costume

It takes a great pet to be patient enough to deal with a costume like this Star Wars Bantha Pet […]


Jango Fett Star Wars Costume

The Star Wars universe has produced a great many beloved and memorable characters.  One such character is Jango Fett.  Jango […]


Samurai Darth Vader Costume

Having trouble choosing between a Samurai Costume and a Darth Vader Costume this year? Why not be both? You can […]

Princess Leia Star Wars Costume

Princess Leia Star Wars Costume

Here is a Star Wars costume to show anyone who doesn’t think Star Wars can be sexy.  While not every […]


Wicket the Ewok Costumes

For Jackson’s costume, I pretty much just followed the Simplicity #2506 pattern for a teddy bear. Instead of the suggested […]

Spaceballs, the Movie Costumes

Spaceballs, the Movie Costumes

Shown in Picture are two [characters] from Mel Brook’s moving, Spaceballs, combing the desert. These costumes were both hand made […]


Star Wars Family Costumes

I made an R2D2 costume out of a garbage can and a bowl. My wife made a C3PO costume by […]


Jawa from Star Wars Costumes

This is a homemade costume that my wife and I made for a whopping $7.60. It consists of burlap, a […]

Shogun Vader Costumes

Shogun Vader Costumes

Ralph McQuarrie said he was inspired by samurai when he designed Darth Vader. This is my interpretation. Submitted by […]


Cardboard Darth Vader Costumes

Has this happened to you? You’re invited to a Star Wars costume party and you don’t have a costume. No […]

The Vader Project

By this point most of us have seen the Hello Kitty Darth Vader costume and other creative variations on this […]