Dark Little Red Costumes

I love to dress up and I love Halloween because it is my chance to be creative and come up […]

Sookie and Maryanne Costumes

Halloween last year we decided to dress up as sookie and maryanne from true blood Submitted by Ally, Victoria


BloodRayne Costumes

BloodRayne costumes are always a hit among gamers… this sexy vampire chick (or more accurately, dhampir chick) stars in her […]


Edward Carrying Bella Twilight Costumes

This isn’t just an Edward Cullen costume, but a Twilight costume that recreates the scene when Edward carries Bella around […]


Gothic Vampire Couples Costumes

Can’t go wrong with black and red clothes and some fangs to make great goth vampire costumes.


Sookie from True Blood Costumes

All the details are there to make this a perfect Sookie costume: a Merlotte’s t-shirt, a bottle of True Blood […]

Twilight Book Costumes

Not just another Bella costume, this Twilight fan decided to show off her love of the entire book… by wearing […]

vampirella costumes - costumepop

Vampirella Costumes

If you’re looking for a sexy costume, but also want to be dangerous, then Vampirella is your girl! Check out […]

Rosalie Hale From Twilight Costumes

Rosalie Hale From Twilight Costumes

Rosalie Hale Davis My daughter as Rosalie Hale from Twilight movie as seen in the baseball scene. Submitted by Mary […]

Amy the Vampire From Fright Night Costumes

Each year I challenge myself to create something unusual and unique using latex, makeup, and other simple special effects techniques. […]

Oscar the Vampire Cat

This is Oscar my cat as a vampire. He didn’t seem to mind it to much which surprised me. Hope […]

The Vampire’s Assistant Trailer

As Halloween approaches we’re all getting in the spirit for some spooky fun and we’ve got just the movie to […]

Vampire Family Costumes

Vampire Family Costumes

We got this all together to make it look like your not so always look the same Vampire with a […]

Vampire Costumes

The vampire is such a perfect fit for Halloween that it is no real surprise that the vampire costume is […]

Scary Costumes

What would Halloween be without scary costumes?  Well, it would be just plain boring.  At the heart of Halloween is […]