Costume Party

Zombie Costume Party

A zombie costume party is guaranteed to be really intense, really creepy and a little scary.  In fact, you won’t […]

TV Character Costume Party

We all have our TV favorites both from today and past years.  This is part of what makes TV costumes […]

Toy Costume Party

Who doesn’t love fun and games?  Dressing up as a toy, game piece or video game character is a way […]

Superhero Costume Party

No matter how old you may be, some part of you has some childlike desire to be a superhero.  And […]

Star Wars Costume Party

A Star Wars Costume Party is a sure fire way to have a costume party that absolutely no one will […]

Political Costume Party

A political costume party makes for a great opportunity for people to either poke fun at or show their support […]

Pirate Costume Party

One of the most obvious reasons that a pirate costume party is a grand idea is that there are vast […]

Nerd Costume Party

Ah, the beloved nerd.  The nerd costume can take many forms, but each will be uniquely entertaining in its own […]

Movie Costume Party

Odds are there is at least one movie character that each of your friends is secretly just dying to dress […]

Mobster Costume Party

America and, in fact, the entire world is still fascinated with the mobsters of the 1920s.  Mobster costumes work on […]

Food Costume Party

Everyone loves to eat and has their favorite types of foods.  No wonder the idea of a food costume party […]

Disney Costume Party

If you make the decision to throw a Disney themed costume party, don’t be surprised if parents don’t tell you […]

Disco Costume Party

Disco anyone?  What could possibly bring back the memories of the 70’s quicker than a Disco costume party?  A 70’s […]

Cowboy Costume Party

Few costumes are as iconic and American as the cowboy costume.  The look of the cowboy is one that has […]

80’s Costume Party

Let’s face it; the 80’s delivered some of the most unforgettable looks ever.  In the process, the 80’s also gave […]

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