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Everyone wants to have a shockingly good adult costume come Halloween.  Good slapstick fun is often the very best part of Halloween or a costume party.  These are occasions where we can leave behind some of our daily concerns, let our hair down, and just have a good time.  Funny costumes and couple’s costumes can help you spread this spirit of fun and joy to everyone at a party.

Some costumes just offer up a big “shock.” Take, for example, the Plug & Socket Couples Set Plus Adult Costume.  This electrifying adult costume will send the entire party buzzing with energy as soon as you walk through the door.  The light-hearted and silly nature of the costume is sure to make it a high-voltage hit.

You have to give the designers of this costume some extra credit for thinking of such a zany and wild couples costume.  One person is a plug- this costume is made from foam and comes with a cord that can be worn around the neck. The other person is the socket and wears a black and silver socket costume. The plug costume fits into the socket costume perfectly.

Everyone at the party will be wondering what the all buzz is about!  If you are looking for a fun and wacky Halloween costume or costume party funny costume you have to check this fun concept.

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