Cowboy Costume Party

Few costumes are as iconic and American as the cowboy costume.  The look of the cowboy is one that has remained fixed for generations.  When hosting a cowboy costume party, decorating your home in a rustic style is key. However, this process will be a snap if you adopt a cowboy or Western theme.  Find curtains, drapes and rugs that fit the Western look.  Make sure to toss a couple of cowboy hats around for good measure too.

While your cowboy costume party is bound to be full of Western costumes and cowboy costumes, the cowboy’s best friend is likely to make an appearance as well.  The mythology around the cowboy has a lot to do with the horse, so don’t be too surprised to see a horse costume appear along with all those cowboy costumes.

Many people associate the cowboy with simple but tasty foods.  Few themed costume parties are more perfectly suited for a cookout than the cowboy costume party.  This is the perfect time to grill up steaks, hamburgers and corn.  Besides, everyone loves a good cookout anyway.  The aroma of smoke itself will go a long way in helping you create an atmosphere that any cowboy will love.

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