Cowboy Costume

For many people around the world, nothing says Americana like the Old West.  And at the heart of the Westward expansion of America, is that uniquely iconic figure of the cowboy.  The cowboy is known in popular culture mainly for two different things. The first thing is for beginning gunfights (usually outside of a saloon), and the other is being riding across the vast open spaces moving cattle from place to place.  With these action packed romantic notions in mind, it is only to be expected that the cowboy costume be well represented come Halloween.  It’s actually safe to say that the cowboy costume is something of a classic costume.

Cowboy costumes appeal greatly to both men and boys.  As a result, cowboy costumes make popular boy’s costumes and men’s costumes.  Every guy wants to be a tough guy deep down, regardless of age. The cowboy is the ultimate tough guy.  Rugged, independent, tough as nails and willing to shoot to kill if need be.  Now that is the making of a great costume.  And you have to love the way you can dress up any cowboy costume further with just the addition of a well-selected costume cowboy hat.

Now with all this tough guy energy floating around, you might not think that there isn’t a lighter side to the cowboy costume. However, as luck would have it, this isn’t the case.  For example, you could even show up to a Halloween party with a good friend dressed in a horse costume if you want a laugh or two!  Of course, women can get in on the act as well with some really sexy cowgirl costumes.

Don’t be shy about strapping on your six-shooter, a stylish vest and a long duster. It need be “take out the trash.”  You may have missed the era of the cowboy and the days of the Gold Rush by quite a bit partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay tribute to this American icon at Halloween.

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