Crane Machine homemade costumes

Materials you will need:

2 boxes- medium size
stuffed animals
hot glue gun/with glue
spray paint - black
stickers - any kind
2 quarters
1 dollar
cord to old cell phone
wire whisk
battery operated Christmas lights
clear plastic

First thing I did was take both boxes and staple them together one on top of the other. Then I cut out a hole in the inside middle of the boxes for my sons head. On the outside of just the bottom box I cut a hole on each side for his arms. Next I cut 4 windows out of all the sides of the top box. I attached the cell phone cord ( with ends cut off) to the top of the inside of the box. I cut 3 wires off of the Wisk and made like a crane shape with the remaining wires. This I attached to the end of the cord.
On the outside of the box I spray painted it black. I put stickers all around it and made a slot for the 2 quarters and the 1 dollar. I also cut out a small hole at the bottom of the box for the PRIZE HOLE. I stuck a stuffed animal in it.Then I poked holes around the front of the box and put the battery operated Christmas lights into the holes, from the inside out, so all that was showing was the lights.Then you attach clear plastic material to all 4 sides. I left the back cut short for air circulation and a way to fill it up with stuffed animals.After all that you fill the box with stuffed animals enough to cover the bottom of the box but making sure the child has enough room to see out.
I also added a strobe light to the top so it looked like you were a winner.

That's it. Everyone loved this costume, lots of people think you can actually play this.

Submitted by heather, cleburne texas

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