Creative and Funny Roller Coaster Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume that will thrill the whole family? Well, look no further this roller coaster Halloween costume is sure to excite the masses. It is the perfect costume for a couple to wear and it won’t embarrass the kids. All you need to make it is a little imagination and a few odds and ends from around the house.


Things you’ll Need:

Red Paint
Silver Paint
Electrical or Duct Tape
Shower Curtain Rod
Two Pairs of Old Shoes
Two Pairs of Old Pants
Old Newspaper

Putting your Roller Coaster Costume Together:

Step 1: The first thing that you will need to do to make your roller coaster costume is make the roller coaster seat. First make a back, tape the back to the bench of the seat, and the bench of the seat to the leg backing. Finally, tape the sides and foot rest on.

Step 2: Once the seat is made you need to put the finishing touches on it. First, cut a hole to put the shower curtain rod through the two sides. If the shower curtain rod is plastic it should be painted silver. Plastic rods work best because you can easily cut them to fit your seat size. This is the handle or safety bar for the roller coaster seat. Cut two holes in the bench of the seat that are large enough for you and your costume mate to fit through. Finally, paint the seat red or another primary color.

Step 3: Take the pants and stuff them with the old newspaper. Then, they need to be affixed to the seat as if they were sitting in it. The shoes should be affixed to the foot rest where the pants meet. This way when you and your costume mate pop up through the seat holes it looks as if you are sitting in the roller coaster seat.

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