Cryptic Rocker Child Costumes


What would happen if you crossed a bad rocker like Slash and an undead zombie? Obviously you’d end up with the coolest guitarist ever. Rock ‘n Roll and the occult have always been linked…There’s something about rock music and creepy creatures of the night that just seem so fitting. Fans of rock n roll love flaming skulls and rotting zombies and anything from the underworld so a dead rocker costume twists their love of rock music and gore together. A Cryptic Rocker costume lets you unleash the awesome power of your dark guitar skills. With the popularity of music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band this Cryptic Rocker Child Costume is sure to top the charts this Halloween.

Get ready for Rocktober with this Cryptic Rocker Child Costume. The black jacket features a skull and cross bones pattern and has an edgy ripped up collar and the shirt underneath has a skeleton print. The costume also includes the wild hair and cool top hat as well as the creepy skeletal mask. The mask has ominous dark circles around the eyes and details that look like rotting flesh. Add a Demon Blade Bass Guitar and some scary skeleton gloves for a complete undead rockstar look.

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