Cuddles Bear Costume


Cuddles the Bear is one of the more impressively terrifying scary costumes one is likely to see.  This is not a very cuddly bear in the least.  In fact, you could go as far as to say that the Cuddles the Bear Adult Costume is a bear costume straight out of hell.

The fact that this costume takes something that is cute and cuddly and makes it into a horrific monster, only adds to its charm as a Halloween costume.  Any costume that has the ability to catch onlookers completely off-guard deserves some extra credit, and the Cuddles the Bear costume does just that.

Imagine taking your average cute teddy bear and infusing an evil spirit into its soft and plush body.  The end result would most definitely be something along the lines of Cuddles.  This is one teddy bear costume that people may not be so eager to cuddle with.  Cuddles’ scarred and enraged face is enough to get your attention, but when the massive sharp black claws are added to the equation, well, everyone who sees this crazy bear costume is likely to be pretty unnerved.

As a final touch, Cuddles comes with a cute and adorable blue bow tie, (bow ties are all the fashion with insane, killer teddy bears this year.)  Don’t be surprised if Cuddles becomes something of a Halloween classic.

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