Cyborg Bride Costumes

Behold the cyborg bride. Although I was asked repeatedly what movie this was from, no such source exists. I thought bridal beauty and robotic force would be a visually stimulating combination, that's all. Now, this particular costume consists of a very traditional and beautiful wedding dress, purchased second hand at a thrift store. It is fully equipped with a veil, and accented with flowers. Not shown in the picture but nonetheless present, is a garter, white lace socks, and silver shoes. The face piece is hand crafted by me out of a silver masquerade mask, a faucet washer directly in front of the eye - for visibility, black rubber accents, and silicone. The weapon arm is hand made using aluminum tubing, a garlic press, metal pipes, plastic tubing with gel blood, and a variety of random metal and plastic accents. Hair is curled using a curling iron and placed in an updo. The prosthetic is secured with medical adhesive, colored, and accented with both thick and thin blood. The rest of the face is done in bridal style make-up, including false eyelashes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick.

Submitted by Maria Sulkin, Clifton, NJ

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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