Dame of the Dead Adult Costume


Day of the Dead, or El Día de los Muertos is Mexican holiday that pays homage to people who have passed into the next world. To celebrate this day people decorate graves and build shrines called Offrendas. People will leave offerings, toys, drinks and trinkets for the dead. Many of the decorations resemble skulls or “calaveras” and statues of skeletons or “calacas”. Skulls are in fact a central symbol of the holiday. Some observers wear skeleton costumes or masks and many people eat decorative sugar skulls. The skulls usually have ornate decorations around the face such as flowers and other patterns.

The Dame of the Dead Adult Costume is a great way to celebrate Día de los Muertos and also makes an interesting undead costume for Halloween. Unlike plain skeleton costumes this beautiful dress is more of a celebration of the deceased than simply a scary costume. The dress is black and white with elegant lace details on neckline, wrists, shoulders and over the skirt. The Veil features a print of an ornate calavera, or skull and can be seen though easily. The arms and bodice feature a skeleton motif in the style of Mexican folk art that really embodies the spirit of the holiday. Adding just a dash of color a red heart can be seen under the ribcage print and the choker features a matching red bowtie.

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