Damsel in Distress on the Empire State Building Customes

Here we have King Kong clutching our 7 year old “Damsel in Distress,” on top of the Empire State Building. Our son thought he would make his friends giggle by transforming himself into Fay Wray with girly makeup. His friends didn’t do much laughing, instead his spotlighted head walking in a lit up building, left them begging for him to design their costumes next year. We helped him stitch up mattress foam into a box he could walk in. Then we covered it in an old room darkening window pull shade (so the light would only shine out the cut windows) and grey fabric. We cut out windows on all four sides so that the light from the battery operated Christmas lights would shine through select windows. King Kong is made from fur, a black vinyl table cloth, foam & pillow stuffing. Three foam airplanes attached with wire circled his head.

Submitted by Cassie, Colorado Springs

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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