Dancer Costumes

Dancer costumes aren’t just for Halloween—dancers are known for elaborate costumes as part of their performance. Some types of dance just aren’t complete without a fitting costume, especially ethnic and regional dances.

Belly dancer costumes may be some of the most well known for being beautiful, elaborate and an important part of the dance routine. Belly dancer costumes usually expose the midriff to outline the movement of the hips and belly. They can also include accessories like scarves and bells that are worked into the dance routine. Burlesque dancer costumes (which is said to be originally inspired by belly dance) are also known for beautiful costuming that accentuates the body with elaborates accessories like feathers and bows as well as corsets, tights and bustiers.

Many types of dancer costume ideas originate from cultures all over the world. For instance hula dancers are known for wearing hula costumes with grass skirts, floral bikini tops and leis. Spanish Flamenco dancer costumes are known for their long red ruffled dresses and beautiful fans. Irish dancer costumes are known to show to be elaborate, yet short to show off the legs. Thai dancer costumes are known to be elaborate and have beautiful headdresses and gold accessories.

Of course the most popular type of dance costume for girls is a ballerina costume with a tutu and ballet slippers. Ballerina dancer costumes are typically pink, but can come in any color. Sometimes ballerina costumes might include accessories like butterfly wings as well.

Dance costumes from music videos and night clubs change throughout the decades. From a 1920s flapper costume to a 70s disco queen to an 90s hip hop costume, dance costumes come in all sorts of varieties.

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