Dark Knight Batman Costumes


Everyone wants to be Batman from Batman Dark Knight, and there are so many obvious reasons that this is the case.  First, everyone wants to be a superhero and save the world from crime.  Unlike many other superheroes, Batman is dark, brooding, intimidating and just downright dangerous.  While superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are comfortable in the daylight, Batman, by definition prefers the night.  Plus he has the coolest gadgets ever!  All of these factors combine to make Batman an easy pick for a kid’s costume.

When looking for a boy’s costume, it is pretty hard to go wrong with the Batman Dark Knight Deluxe Muscle Chest. This Batman Child Costume is a fantastic pick for any boy’s costume for Halloween.  This is a very modern detailed costume that has great touches like the headpiece, utility belt and cape.  This costume also comes complete with rippled chest muscles.  What kid can resist the lure of walking around with such great muscles?

Here is a great idea, if you are the parent or grandparent to two boys, why not dress one as Batman and the other as the Joker?  The Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume is a great one to combine with a Batman costume.  Now those are some great memories and some wonderful fun.

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