delivery of 2 headed baby Costumes

I used a portable clothing rack w/wheels,attached a thin plyboard w/cutout big enough for my body to get through.I used a 2 piece blow up doll from an old costume to make legs,attached 1 fake foot and attached that to a metal spatula to resemble foot stirrups.I attached a small LED light ,pointing to my 2 headed baby,being held by the dr. that I attached to end of table.He is made from top half of blow up doll and his legs are made of panty hose stuffed with cotton,bought a $5 kids dr.costume from dollar store and dressed the dr.It only took me about 1 week to make and it was very easy to manuver because of the wheel base.Was definitely the #1 costume at our party!

Submitted by ranita bigelow, okc,ok

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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