Disco Costume Party

Disco anyone?  What could possibly bring back the memories of the 70’s quicker than a Disco costume party?  A 70’s costume or disco costume has a way of often taking the spot line whenever it makes an appearance at a Halloween party or a costume party of any kind. Saturday Night Fever and the John Travolta costume just has a way of transporting people instantly back to the 70’s. And people love to dress up in the flashy outfits of the decade.

For those planning a disco costume party, the music is a must.  People will show up ready to boogie.  What is disco without the music?  Since few themed costume parties are going to be as music focused as a disco costume party, this might be one time that it makes sense to have someone acting as a designed DJ for the evening.  Now, you don’t have to hire someone necessarily, but someone should make sure they focus on the tunes and keep the disco hits coming.  Another way of handling the music is to find a collection of disco hits and let those CDs do most of the work.

Make sure you have a disco ball in place.  Disco was all about fun, music and dancing.  So don’t forget to clear away lots of space for people to show off those 70’s dance moves.

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