Disney Costume Party

If you make the decision to throw a Disney themed costume party, don’t be surprised if parents don’t tell you how hard it is to pick just one from all those great Disney costumes and Disney princess costumes.  Wonderful Disney costumes include the Belle costume, Ariel costume, Tinkerbell costume, Jasmine costume or the Buzz Lightyear costume, to name just a few. Disney has created such a deep and rich world of characters that it is completely possible for dozens of little ones to come to a children’s Disney costume party without any two children being dressed as the same character!

Of course no party is complete without food, and a Disney themed costume party is no exception.  With a Disney based costume party, it is possible to find all sorts of great Disney oriented treats.  One of the most common favorites will, no doubt, be a Disney themed cake.  There are so many fun and entertaining Disney songs too. Just play some of the movie soundtracks and before you know it kids will be singing along. (Yes, they will have the lyrics memorized by heart.)

Just as food is a vital part of any party, so are games.  Try giving away Disney themed prizes such as DVD, video games and other Disney oriented prizes at your next Disney themed party.  With all the magic of Disney flying about, you can be certain that every child will leave feeling that Disney magic.

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