DIY Magic Mirror

Do you have a little princess at home that you want to reassure that she is indeed fairest of them all? Or do you have a little scalawag who loves tales of pirates on the high seas? The DIY Magic Mirror doesn't just let you know who the fairest princes is, but it also gives you weather forecasts, stock information and the occasional snarky insult, depending on which character you choose.

If you have an old laptop lying around, put it to use with this amazing DIY project. All you need is the Magic Mirror software, a 2-way mirror, an ornate picture frame and a custom circuit (which you can build yourself or buy online). Set against a black background the 2-way mirror will function like a normal mirror until something pops up on screen, giving the illusion that there's a face that just "appeared" in the mirror. Choose from one of four characters, including a Princess style magic mirror character, a pirate, a Halloween skull and a sarcastic pumpkin. The mirror works using proximity sensors to know when someone is in front of it, and touch sensors to give specific information like stock info.

Check out the full DIY Magic Mirror tutorial to make your own talking mirror.

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