Dog Cowboy Costume

There is no doubt; the dog has become a vital part of the human family.  Most of us don’t know what we would do without our four legged friends.  So come Halloween shouldn’t we think about a dog costume for our four legged buddies?

Why should all of us humans corner the market on all the Halloween fun?  Dog gone it, its not fair!  After all man’s best friend is such a faithful and loyal companion, doesn’t he or she deserve to get in on the Halloween spirit?  A dog costume is one way to let your dog in on all that Halloween fun, and the Dog Cowboy Costume definitely let’s Fido score some of the fun.

A cowboy theme is definitely a good one for a canine friend, as the dog was a vital part of the cowboy’s mission in herding cattle and protecting them from coyotes of both the four and two-legged variety.  Settling the West would have been some much more difficult without our friend the dog.  It was with the help of our canine companions that we were able to sleep at night.  Now, what a good friend!  With this in mind it seems fitting that a dog costume should pay tribute to the dog’s long and special relationship with the cowboy.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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