Dog Eaten by Alligator

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Seeing your dog inside the mouth of an alligator can be a scary sight, but when you realize that it's just a costume, the situation is actually pretty funny. The Dog Eaten By Alligator Costume may raise a lot of eyebrows as you walk your pooch down a busy street with half of his body becoming the lunch of a giant croc. But you're sure to also get plenty of laughs at this over the top creative costume makes its way around town.

The costume appears rather large and cumbersome but the dog may walk easily with its back legs placed through the "front legs" of the alligator. The rest of the costume is dragged behind the dog but gives off the appearances that it’s the large amphibian that's in control.

The Dog in Alligator costume was part of a promotion for the Zoo Neunkirchen in Germany along with the motto "Come to the Zoo before the Zoo comes to you." It's not available for sale since it was designed for the promotion, but it's a great inspiration to pet owner's looking for great costume ideas for dogs or cats. This creative costume proves that it's fun to get your pets involved in the fun of dressing up and that it doesn't have to be just for Halloween, but any time you have a good reason to grab people's attention.

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