Dorothy Costume for Adults


Few films are timeless, but The Wizard of Oz is one such film.  It may come as a shock that the classic The Wizard of Oz movie was released in 1939.  The visual effects, while adequate by today’s standards, were very impressive for the era.  The overall look of the film was something of a breakthrough for its day.

Part of the amazing look of the film is due to the fact that part of the film was shot using Technicolor, which most people had not seen at the time.  Even though the first Technicolor film, The Viking, was completed in 1928, The Wizard of Oz was one of the first films to use a newer three-strip and richer version of Technicolor.  The visual impact of the film when combined with its numerous re-airings on television for decades, helped to make The Wizard of Oz and many of its classic characters and costumes, such as the Dorothy costume, instantly recognizable.

When looking for a great adult costume for Halloween a classic pick is always going to be the Dorothy costume from The Wizard of Oz.  This adorable costume is the one that Judy Garland helped make famous and so recognizable all these decades later.  The white and light blue checked pattern dress and cute short sleeve shirt works perfectly with the classic ruby slippers.  This Wizard of Oz costume, with its short hem, makes for a good sexy costume as well.  Consider grabbing a few friends and dressing them as the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion and hitting the parties as one of Hollywood’s most famous cast of characters!

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