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L. Frank Baum first published “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in 1900.  Thirty-nine years later, this popular book was made into the unforgettable film starring Judy Garland as Dorothy.  To this day, the Wizard of Oz remains wildly popular, and its brilliantly drawn characters have become part of our collective lexicon.  In fact, the Wizard of Oz has become one of the most popular films ever.

Considering this kind of popularity, it comes as no surprise that Wizard of Oz costumes are extremely popular.  Part of this popularity stems from the fact that the Wizard of Oz is saturated in the world of magic.  Like Harry Potter, the Wizard of Oz is a perfect fit for Halloween with Halloween’s obvious emphasis on magic and all things mysterious.  After all, the Wizard of Oz has witches and magical characters, and this means great costumes- like witches costumes!

The Dorothy costume has been a favorite Halloween costume for generations.  Today, there is even a sexy Wizard of Oz Dorothy Girl Adult costume that will really put a new spin on the classic movie.  Or maybe the sexy Wicked Witch of the West Adult Costume is more your style.  This wicked witch costume is a real attention grabber.

Of course, the Wizard of Oz is more than just Dorothy.  So much of the movie’s charm is its great cast of unforgettable supporting characters.  The tin man, scarecrow and cowardly lion have become some of the best-known characters in all of film history.  The instant recognition that these characters provide make Tin Man costumes, Scarecrow costumes and Cowardly Lion costumes consistent favorite picks. Are you needing a heart, a brain or courage this year?

In all likelihood, The Wizard of Oz will stay a favorite of both film lovers and Halloween goers for generations.  Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, Scarecrow and all the rest will be with us for countless years to come, as each is simply a classic character.

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