Dr. Rockzo (The Rock n’ Roll Clown) Costumes

My 2010 Halloween costume was inspired by DR. ROCKZO, the rock n' roll clown, a cartoon character from "Metalocalypse," a popular Adult Swim show about a heavy metal band that basically rules the world. DR. ROCKZO's character was supposedly inspired by David Lee Roth of Van Halen.

As far as the costume, here is how I made it:
• HAIR: I ordered a long white synthetic wig online. In order to make it bright blue, I mixed Cyan pen ink with 70% alcohol in a spray bottle and then sprayed the wig in layers. After air drying, I washed the wig out in cold water, air dried again, and then brushed to get tangles out. In order to get the final bright blue I repeated this process a total of 3 times. After getting the final bight blue color, I then had a hair-stylist friend cut the wig to fit my head while wearing it and then teased the hair and sprayed with hair-spray to get the volume.
• NOSE: I purchased a professional clown nose online. In order to get the spikes I used Sculpey oven-baked clay. I formed the spikes with the clay, test fit them and then baked them in the oven. Afterwards I attached them to the nose using Super Glue.
• HAT: I purchased a white officers cap online. I used purple fabric paint to paint the material and pink vinyl to cover part of the cap, attaching with fabric glue. Next I used purple "fun foam" to cover the black brim of the cap and and also cover trim on the hat. I also used bright yellow "fun foam" for the accents and for the police badge, which I attached to the cap using a pin clasp, that was glued to the back of the foam.
• SHOES: I spray painted a pair of tennis shoes bright pink.
• BOOT COVERS: The bright pink furry boot covers were purchased online.
• SPIKED CHOKER: I used two layers of bright yellow "fun foam" glued together to make the choker. I cut holes and attached "bulldog spikes" using screws and washers, and glued velcro to "fun foam" to fit around my neck.
• SPIKED WRISTBAND: I used an old belt that I cut down and covered with pink vinyl. I cut holes and attached "bulldog spikes" using screws and washers.
• JUMPSUIT: I purchased a custom-cut jumpsuit on www.Spandexman.com and then painted purple stripes on the legs.
• MAKE-UP: I used clown make-up which I applied myself. I "set" the make-up using powder and then a coat of hair-spray.
• MIC STAND: I painted a oval piece of wood silver, then attached to a mic stand holder. Actual mic is a piece of wood painted black with a real "wind screen" attached to end with a piece of velcro.
(Photos by Max!mus and PhotoGnome)

Submitted by Mark Baggett, Jasper, Alabama

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  • The Bus From Speed™

    This is fucking awesome. I’m bookmarking this and stealing it for my costume on the last day of next year’s 70,000 Tons of Metal.