Dr Seuss Sam I Am Costumes

Dr. Seuss Halloween Costumes 2009

I have 4 girls at West Canyon Elementary this year. Their school does not have Halloween parties, but instead has a Fall Frolic. A part of the Fall Frolic the kids dress up as their favorite character out of any book. This year we decided to all dress up as Dr. Seuss characters. Jenna is the Lion from Ten Apples Up On Top, mainly because she wanted to be able to wear her Rollerblades to school. Kamryn Is Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Kaylee is Mayzee from Daisy-Head Mayzie. Paige is Sam I am from Green Eggs and Ham.. Our baby, Lilyan, (age 2) is a Sneetch. I am the Fish from The Cat In The Hat. I am always, telling everyone what to do and not to do and all the trouble they will get in, I guess. My husband, who is more fun, is The Cat in the Hat.

Submited by Candice Larsen, Caldwell Idaho

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