Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Costumes

It all started with a desire to make my son a homemade Muppets Animal costume. After I looked at a photo of the band from my album, I realized I had to make the entire band (minus Ralph). We fit perfectly- I would be Janice, the guitarist: my son, Animal: My boyfriend, Dr. Teeth: And his two sons, Zoot the saxophonist, and Floyd the other guitarist. I started with my head which is the only one made from a bike helmet. The others have the foundation of baseball helmets and are much more comfortable! I started the other four heads on a Thursday night and did not stop but to sleep for about four hours each night till Sunday night. A few scratches from the chicken wire and a second degree burn from the hot glue gun and they were done! I still cannot believe I did this from looking a a picture from an album cover! We may be renting ourselves out for birthday parties! We have had a lot of fun with these costumes this year!

Submitted by Alice Frump, Indianapolis, IN


Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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