Dr. Watson Adult Costume


Every great hero needs a great and loyal sidekick.  Batman has Robin, and Sherlock Homes has his Dr. Watson.  Dr. Watson was quite an accomplished man in his own right and was an also assistant surgeon in the Army.  Part of what makes the Dr. Watson costume a winner is its stylish look.

This Sherlock Holmes costume is a fine men’s costume in that the stylish vest and jacket will always make a man look refined, no matter what era.  Further, the top hat only adds to the vintage and striking look of the outfit, as do the white gloves.  Consider adding a cane to go with this adult costume or maybe even an exciting Cane Sword.

One great fun idea would be to have a friend tag along to the Halloween or costume party dressed as Sherlock Holmes.  The two of you together will make a grand and unmistakable entrance.  Everyone will quickly realize that one of the greatest crime-fighting duos in history has arrived.  These costumes stand out alone, but have an impressive impact when put together.

For those looking for a unique costume that is also a standout, it is hard to beat this Sherlock Holmes costume.  In fact, picking this adult costume would be “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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