Dragon Costumes

Few images draw as immediate of a response as that of the ancient and mysterious dragon.  In both Europe and Asia, the dragon is seen as a powerful creature of great destruction, which makes the dragon costume perfect for Halloween.  Interestingly enough, dragons in ancient times were depicted as being rather small and not the massive creatures that we now associate with the legend.

All of this great lore and the amazing visuals of a dragon make for a great dragon Halloween costume.  A Chinese dragon costume is a great way for big kids and little kids to celebrate Halloween.  There are dragon Halloween costumes that are for both adult dragon costumes and kid’s dragon costumes.

The adult dragon costumes are often more interpretive than kids dragon costumes, which tend to be more literal in their interpretation of the enduring dragon myth.  The adult dragon costumes even tend to be a bit sexy with short skirts or sexy costumes that feature dragons as a decoration.  Kid’s dragon costumes include fun green scaly suits with claws for fingers and toes.

Dragon costumes are definitely an easy way to make a big statement come Halloween time.  Dragons strike an in-between chord right between monsters and dinosaurs.  Dragons have that feel of “maybe this was once real,” which gives them an extra punch and power that many monster costumes just can’t match.

Both adult dragon costumes and kid’s dragon costumes have one big element in common.  Both types of dragon Halloween costumes lend themselves to being scary, as well as playful and fun.  The dragon is one of those unique symbols that are widely open to interpretation.  Perhaps this is the reason why the imagery and the legend of the dragon have endured for so long.

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