Dragoncon 2009 Costumes


As the summer comes to an end we look back on some of the craziest conventions featuring some of the most amazing costumes ever made. Dragon Con 2009 was one of the last cons of the summer, but certainly not least. Not specific to one particular fandom, DragonCon features everything Sci-fi and fantasy so all kinds of characters showed up. We've seen everything from superheroes, to wizards to Jedi and even beer guzzling robots. Some of our favorite costumes were a scary yet sexy Harley Quinn costume from the new Batman game Arkham Asylum, a vicious River Tam from Serenity and Aku from Samurai Jack. Also, did you catch a glimpse of the Bender with Nixon's head in a jar? Check out more amazing costumes from Dragoncon 2009 on flicker.

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