Edward Scissorhands Costumes

My daughter's favorite movie of all time is Edward Scissorhands. Standing 4'10 I knew I wouldn't be able to find the costume in her size so I decided to make the whole thing from scratch. I started with 3 yards of black shiny stretch fabric and made leggings. I bought a black turtle neck for warmth and made the shiny top to go over. I also made the sleeves separate for the unfinished effect and bobby pinned the half sleeves to arm sleeves. I found 10 belts at the thrift store and cut them to fit around her waist, chest and legs so everything was perfectly snug. I bought gardener gloves and used black electric tape and wrapped them to make them smaller and attach the scissors made from foam board. I wrapped the scissors made from foam board with foil and then sprayed them with silver spray paint. I also purchased black boots from goodwill to finish off the look added belt buckles. I used basic white paint for her face, with purple around the eyes and lips to add the effect of scarring. The costume was a HUGE success at school and to everyone who saw her.

Submitted by Lisa Gonzalez, Milpitas, Ca

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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