Edward Scissorhands Costume Make-Up

After many requests, Make-up Artist Kandee Johnson put together a great Edward Scissorhands costume make-up tutorial that's easy to follow. One mistake that many people who approach this costume make is to use white clown make up, but Kandee points out that a light concealer gives a more natural pale color that's more like skin tone from the movie. She also uses a great trick that we've seen in her Queen of Hearts Make-up tutorial video to make her eyebrows disappear. From this video you'll also learn how to highlight and contour your face to get that sickly sunken in look that Edward Scissorhands is known for, as well as a quick overview on how to recreate his scars. While most people would probably use a wig, this how-to shows how to tease and style your hair to look crazy. Check out this video to learn how to pull off this dark, gothic Edward Scissorhands look.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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