Elaborate Costumes

If you can’t wait until Halloween every year, or love to cosplay as your favorite anime or video game characters than chances are you’ve made an elaborate costume. Elaborate costumes take a lot of hard work to make, but are worth the effort. Some really elaborate Halloween costumes might take months or even all year to make. Sometimes costumes are elaborate because of the amount of small details like custom embroidery, accessories or weapon replicas, and sometimes they are elaborate because of how they function. Very dedicated costume makers have been known to create giant replicas of gadgets like iPhones, digital cameras, MP3 players and more. Other elaborate costumes include some kind of intricate mount to make it appear as though the person is riding a horse, dragon or other creature. Other elaborate costumes may involve some kind of mechanical element, stilts, wheels, lights, etc. There’s really no limit to what kind of creative costume ideas people can create. We’ve seen everything from a dragon costume with moving wings to a fortune teller costume built around a segway scooter. While elaborate costumes can be costly, not every elaborate costume idea has to be expensive. In fact some only require a few dollars worth of materials, but may require a lot of work. Most elaborate costumes are usually very time consuming and take a lot of creativity and talent to make. But the more effort you put into an elaborate costume the more satisfied you are with the results.

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