Elf Costumes

One of the world’s best-kept “secrets” is the humble elf.  Everyone is always heaping on the complements and adoration for old Saint Nick, but in reality it’s his vast workforce of personal minions, the elves, that do all the “heavy lifting.”  But this unpleasantness aside, the Elf has long been associated with Santa Claus and Christmas.  Elves work year round at the North Pole creating toys for mostly unappreciative children.

Halloween is a great time to show the lowly elf a little respect.  After all they have worked hard to crank out all those Christmas toys that you now have forgotten and discarded.   Some of the many elf costumes include the Buddy Elf Adult Costume from the popular The Elf movie with Will Ferrell, and the Sexy Elf Adult Costume, which sports a very sexy short skirt and a cute little green cap.  Elf boots, such as the Joy Green Adult Boots, work really well with this sexy elf costume in particular.

A fun idea for couples would be to show up both dressed as elves.  Ideas this cute are pretty rare. They, of course, also make for great photo opportunities.  Consider finding a friend who is also going to the Halloween party or costume party and see if they wish to join you in a Christmas Santa costume.  Just make sure that you have a few treats to pass out!

After all the elves have done for us, isn’t it time that we showed them a little respect come Halloween?  A fun elf costume is an easy way to make sure that our elf friends know how much we love them.

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