Elvis Costume for Adults

Few entertainers have ever reached the iconic statue of Elvis Presley.  This amazing entertainer was larger than life and established scores of music industry milestones and first.  In his lifetime, Elvis racked up 14 Grammy nominations, including 3 wins and was even given a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at the amazingly young age of 36.  The level of stardom achieved by Elvis was a rare thing indeed and helps explain why his popularity is still going strong.  The Elvis costume remains a very popular and recognized costume.  The Elvis fashion style is one that is still instantly recognized all around the world today.

The Elvis Costume for Adults takes one of those iconic styles of dress, the Elvis Jumpsuit, and recreates it with great style.  Elvis took a simple white jumpsuit and truly made it his own, with an Elvis costume that was larger than life.  Few adult costumes are as likely to garner as much attention as the Elvis Adult Costume.  This jumpsuit Elvis costume has a large American eagle belt that is studded with gold stars.  When combined with a red scarf, this Elvis costume really stands out in the crowd.  Just don’t forget your classic Elvis wig, oversized sunglasses and a microphone.

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