Emma Frost Sassy Adult Costume


If you don’t think superheroes can be super sexy, you must have never seen a superhero comic book or watched any movies based on superheroes.  A great deal of obsessive attention goes into the creation of the costumes for both male and female superheroes.  Some of the sharpest and most memorable superhero costumes are the X-Men costumes.  The X-Men movies have helped make many of the long-running X-Men characters household words.

Wolverine, Storm and, of course, Emma Frost make for wonderful costumes.  If you are seeking a sexy adult costume the incredibly sexy Emma Frost costume makes a great choice.  It’s hard to pass up a women’s costume that has a cape, short skirt, sexy boot covers and a short tight top.  The Emma Frost costume is also completely white, which will definitely make you stand out next to the other Halloween costumes.

This alluring costume is partially made of spandex, just like any good superhero costume, and it really fits the curves of a woman.  If you are looking to make a jaw-dropping impression on the Halloween party crowd, just pick the Emma Frost Sassy Prestige Adult Costume and watch those jaws hit the floor.

If you are looking for a sexy costume, this women’s costume is definitely one of the sexiest around.  Once you’ve put on the Emma Frost Sassy Prestige Adult Costume, you will know you’ve made the correct decision.

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