Enchanting Queen of Hearts


As we know from Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts doesn’t have to look like a red-faced rotund banshee, but can be very elegant and even quite thin. What really defines the Queen of Hearts from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland isn’t her looks, but her ruthless nature and how quickly she resorts to yelling “Off with their heads!”

This take on the Queen of Hearts doesn’t follow any styles we’ve seen before. The Enchanting Queen of Hearts costume is quite sexy with a halter mini-gown that shows off a lot more leg that the traditional long gown. The mini-gown features a pretty quilted pattern along the hem and on the collar and pleated fabric down the front of the bodice that ties the dress together and gives it regal elegance. The front of the bodice also features red hearts, which are of course a trademark of the Queen. A long skirt is attached to the gown and covers the back of the costume and gives it the puffy flair you expect to see from a Queen of Hearts costume. And of course because she wouldn’t be the Queen without it, the costume includes a stunning rhinestone crown.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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