Fairy Tale Costumes

Few costumes have as much range and as much instant recognition as fairy tale costumes.  Many of us grow up being read fairy tales and seeing animation adaptations of these great and timeless stories.  Of course, the Fairy tale princess costume is always popular, yet the sheer variety in fairy tale Halloween costumes can be simply amazing.  Mother Goose costumes, Little Red Riding Hood costumes, Goldilocks costumes and pixie costumes are just a few of the options available.

There is an additional layer to all these options, as there are many great fairy tale Halloween costumes for both adults and children.  Why there are even dragon costumes for infants.  Try not smiling when seeing a child wear a Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume.  This great green dragon costume is sure to be a big hit.  It comes complete with little dragon wings and even a spiked tail.  Now that is fun.  Yet there are all sorts of adult costumes as well, including some pretty adventuresome takes on Goldilocks and Red Riding hood, for example.  These short skirt costumes are certainly going to garner a bit of attention come this Halloween.

Of course, one of the most beloved of all Halloween costumes must be the fairy tale princess costume and prince costume.  These costumes just instantly bring up all the magic and wonder of so many great fairy tale stories.  After all, who doesn’t know about the “fairy tale ending?”  And that is part of the charm of Prince Charming and the world of fairy tales.

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