Fairytopia Barbie Costumes

This is my daughter Koral,She wanted to be a life-sized Barbie doll this year. I used a wardrobe box and cut one side to resemble a real Barbie box,I then painted it watermelon pink on the outside and white on the inside,Then sprayed glitter spray over the that.I printed out the Mattel logo and placed this at the top of the box.The Barbie logo done in the Barbie font was placed on the front of the box that I had cut to an angle.The choking hazard sign I printed was placed on the side of the box.A picture of the fairytopia Barbie Elina went in the corner so you could tell what Barbie you had. All of these were placed on the box in the appropriate places like you would find on an actual Barbie box.I then bought fairy wings and a wand and attached them with cable ties onto separate pieces of cardboard and glued them to the inside of the box to look like the accessories that come with a Barbie doll.I then made her a tutu with colorful tulle tied on to a piece of elastic. Bought house slippers and sewed ribbon on to look like real ballet shoes that she tied up her ankle.I then cut apart a backpack and glued it to the back of the inside of the box so she could wear it around trick or treating. She also wore a blond wig with a small crown and a little bit of makeup.She was such a hit and looked so authentic walking around.

Submitted by Angela Smith, Austin Kentucky

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