Fantasy Costumes

Whether you’re a princess waiting for her Prince Charming or a valiant knight looking for a dragon to slay, Fantasy costumes are fun for all ages. From witches and wizards to dragons and elves, fantasy costumes spark our imaginations. Fantasy costumes usually tend to be very elaborate with very detailed clothing and add-ons like wings and accessories like swords and shields.

For little girls, fantasy costumes are like a dream come true. Getting to dress up as a fairy, princess, mermaid or any other creature or character from one of their storybooks is a world of fun. Fantasy costumes for girls make your little princess feel so pretty and special. From sparkling wings and mermaid tails to long gowns and glittering crows, they’ll have as much fun wearing fantasy costumes as you will taking tons of pictures.

Boys also love fantasy costumes for the opportunity to dress up like brave knights, deadly dragons and everything in between. Other popular fantasy costumes for boys might include wizards, Ogres, and goblins… pretty much anything powerful or scary!

Fans of Fantasy literature and movies also love to wear fantasy costumes inspired by their favorite characters and creatures. Lord of the Rings is of course the most well known fantasy series, inspiring costumes of heroes, hobbits, wizards, elves and more. Truly dedicated fans may even have collector’s items like replica LOTR swords to complete their costume. There are also plenty of other movies, TV shows and books to get great fantasy costume ideas, like Willow, the Sword of Truth series and even Harry Potter.

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