Farnese Vandimion from Berserk

This costume took over 40 yards of ruffles, hand gathered by me, in 4 different widths. I'm going to have nightmares about ruffles lol XD The ruffles on the skirt were all hand sewn down, and some on the bodice. The yellow petticoat is lined with crinoline to give it more body. I made all the undergarments myself including bloomers, pannier/hoop skirt, corset, and pockets. The dress itself has a slit in the side so I can get all the way through each layer of skirts and into pockets that are tied over the corset. I used a simplicity pattern and heavily altered the dress portion.

This is the most challenging and involved costume I have ever made. It’s taken over 200 hours of love and hard work to finish. I tried many new things I’d never done before in costume making – such as make my own hoop skirt and corset.

Submited by Allaina Stewart, Orlando, FL

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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