Fin Fun Mermaid Tail for Swimming, Including Monofin

Fin Fun Mermaid Tail - CostumePopIf your wish is to be Ariel, then your wish just came true. Pick from Ausie Green, Artic Blue, Malibu Pink, Asian Magenta, Rainbow Reef, Celtic Green or Rio Red, and watch as your lower half gives way to fins!

This costune has been designed using a 3D scale pattern unlike any other fabric. It's machine washable, and features an open bottom. The tail can be raised above the feet, so you can walk on dry land, before swimming around once more. It moves naturally in the water, giving off a realistic illusion.

It also includes a monofin flipper, which is made to fit any foot size. The tails are designed to hold the monofin perfectly, and won't slip off. However, it is easily removable, should you need to take it off for whatever reason.

The Fin Fun Mermaid Tail for Swimming, Including Monofin is available for $124.95 - $134.95 from Amazon. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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