Fish Costumes

With seemingly endless amounts of fish species and ocean creatures, it’s no wonder fish costumes are so popular. From small fresh water fish to colorful tropical fish to even fisherman costumes, there are so many costume possibilities to tap into for kids, babies and adults. And although not technically “fish” there are tons of popular costume ideas associated with the sea like sharks, dolphins, whales and octopus.

Finding Nemo made fish even more popular as costume ideas, inspiring tons of kids to wear clown fish costumes on Halloween. Of course long before Nemo and Dory, Disney made fish popular as supporting cast for The Little Mermaid. While girls might enjoy dressing up as Ariel, boys can wear Sebastian the crab and Flounder costumes.

Fish costumes can be a bit tricky to make yourself depending on how much detail you go into with scales, fins and gills. And of course you have to think of the type of fish you want to be, since it could be a factor in terms of difficulty. A homemade goldfish or bass costume could be fairly simple, as opposed to an angler fish costume which would require details like sharp teeth and some kind of light source for the glowing part. A fishbowl costume is a very cute idea for pregnant women who want to paint their belly for Halloween.

If you want to choose a type of fish costume based on looks, beta fish, koi and angel fish make great choices because they’re all considered beautiful and unique. No matter why you want to wear a fish costume, you’ve got plenty of interesting ideas to choose from.

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