Flapper Costume – Plus Size


Flapper-Costume-Plus-Size-thThe flapper is one of the most recognized symbols of the Roaring Twenties.  Flapper costumes make great 20s costumes as well as women’s costumes.  All of these years later, the flapper is instantly remembered as a symbol of early twentieth century rebellion in America.  The flappers stood up and did crazy things like drinking and wearing makeup in a time when such things were viewed as a form of utter madness.  For this streak of rebellion, they are still remembered every year during the Halloween season (arguably the most rebellious of all holiday seasons!)

The Flapper Fashion Plus (Black) Adult Costume is a fine example of the flapper look.  The skirt is short above the knee and the fringe dress has a clever layered look that is still sharp looking nearly a century later.  The feathered headband adds even more flash and style to this already most stylish of outfits.

One of the great aspects of the flapper costume-plus size is that the design of the dress is very flattering to full figured women.  Further, the Flapper Fashion Plus (Black) Adult Costume is easily dressed up with some fabulous accessories such as the Flapper Handband.

Feel free to grab a few friends and get your own gang of Roaring Twenties flappers together.  Nothing says fun like a good of ladies hitting a party while paying tribute to some early twentieth century trailblazers like the flappers.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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