Flower Costumes

Flowers make great costume accessories to compliment a pretty costume. Or flowers can be the main event and girls can dress up like their favorite flowers. Girls flower costumes, for toddlers, babies, kids and even women are beautiful, delicate and a lot of fun.

There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from when planning a flower costume. Rose costumes are always lovely and a bit romantic. Daisy and lilly flower costumes are adorable, especially for little girls. In fact part of the fun of choosing a flower costume is picking one that matches your personality. For example girls who are always sunny would look adorable in a sunflower costume.

Decorating a flower costume can be a lot of fun and a great way to be creative with accessories like butterflies, dragonflies or even fairies. A watering can also makes a great accessory for a flower costume. A flower costume can be wild or potted, depending on the look you’re going for. A flower post costume is fairly easy to make, you just need an old flower pot with the bottom cut out, fake flowers glued to a hat and shirt.

Flowers can be a great way to decorate costumes like fairy costumes. Flowers can really be a part of any costume for girls, like a bouquet of flowers for a bride costume, a single rose to compliment a Flamenco dancer costume a Lei flower necklace for a Hula costume.
So whether you just love flowers and want to dress up like your favorite kind, or think they make pretty costume accessories, there are tons of possible flowers to choose from to make the perfect pretty costume for girls.

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