Flying Monkey From The Wizard of Oz Costumes

Looking for Dorothy! Beware Beware!! He will get you and your little dog too!

This costume evolved all because of my little dog, Mocha, who is a cairn terrier, looks just like Toto. We all got dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz when we went camping at the beginning of this month. Mocha went with us. I was talking to my son, Christian, about the different characters we all could be and I said (jokingly)"and you could be The Flying Monkey!" His response was "ALL RIGHT!" I never thought that he would look so good.

I bought the jacket from the Goodwill and the felt and feathers from a craft store. My Mother, who will be 75 on November 14, 2009, made the blue-grey shirt, pants, and tail from fleece. I made the hat out of a piece of stiff felt!

I watched the movie and kept pushing pause till I got a good picture of one of the monkeys and drew a sketch of what they looked like. They actually have faux-hawks! So I did his hair and used a lot of hair spray! I used a face painting kit from the craft store. On Halloween, Mocha went with us trick or treating and Christian took her up to the houses of our neighbors bouncing and prancing like one of the Monkeys in the movie and said "Trick or Treat! I caught Toto. But have you seen Dorothy?"

Submitted by Alice Frump, Indianapolis, IN

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