Food Costume Party

Everyone loves to eat and has their favorite types of foods.  No wonder the idea of a food costume party is such a fun filled concept.  A food themed costume party will allow not just for a bunch of great food costumes, but for some great food to be served as well.  Having people show up in food costumes is guaranteed to keep the evening lively, light and fun.

No one can be too serious, after all, while talking to a giant banana or a man dressed as a fork.   The numbers and types of food costumes available are truly staggering.  Its even possible to dress in a fast food costume and attend a food themed party dressed like the Pizza Pie Adult Costume.

Of course a food themed costume party would be nothing without great food.  You simply can’t have a food costume party that doesn’t have lots and lots of wonderful food.  People will show up expecting something delicious.

With this in mind, have your guests suggest a dish that will somehow reflect the food costume that they will be wearing.  If you know a guest will be wearing the Carrot Adult Costume, for example, have a fun carrot dish.  Another option is to let guests bring their own creative food dishes potluck style.

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