Fortune Teller Costumes

Whether or not you have all the answers, wearing a Fortune Teller costume can be a lot of fun. Fortune Tellers have special powers that let them predict the future, most commonly about love or money. Fortune telling has roots all over the world with all sorts of fortune telling methods like astrology, clairvoyance, card reading, palm reading and numerology. Fortune teller costume ideas can draw inspiration from many different regions, time periods as well as methods of fortune telling.

Fortune teller costumers can sometimes go hand in hand with gypsy costumes. Gypsy fortune teller costumes, based on Romanian gypsies incorporate scarves word on the head, long skirts, puffy blouses and many layers of jewelry. Generally speaking gypsy fortune tellers include the title “Madame” in front of their name and speak in a deep, mysterious voice.

Fortune teller booths and mechanical genies are popular costume ideas, although they are very elaborate to make. A Zoltar costume, a common mechanical fortune teller costume, requires that the wearer encase themselves in a glass or plastic booth, usually with curtains, lights and a crystal ball inside Phone psychics who advertise on TV commercials can make funny costume ideas. For example, Miss Cleo, one of the most well known phone psychics is known for headdresses, tarot cards and a phony Jamaican accent is an easy target for a funny fortune teller costume.

Asian fortune tellers also offer inspiration for great costume ideas. There are many unique methods of fortune telling that originate from Asian, like face reading or Bazi, which uses four pillars arranged to determine one’s destiny.

No matter what type of fortune telling you’re interested in, there are tons of great fortune teller costume ideas to run with, with accessories like tarot cards, crystal balls, fake bones and of course, lots of elaborate jewelry.Fortune Teller Costumes

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