Frankenstein Costumes

Frankenstein costumes are perfect Halloween costumes for fans of horror stories and monsters. Frankenstein is one of the most popular movie monsters ever conceived, making him a popular costume idea as well. Of course Frankenstein originally wasn’t a monster, but a scientist, named Victor Frankenstein who created a monster in Mary Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein. So a more accurate name for this character is Frankenstein’s monster. Most people incorrectly refer to Frankenstein’s monster as Frankenstein. While Frankenstein costumes for boys and men are popular, Bride of Frankenstein costumes for girls and women are also very popular.

Some people think of Frankenstein as a zombie since he was revived from the dead, however a more accurate term for Frankenstein would be a golem since he is made from different parts. Frankenstein costumes usually include bolts in the head or neck, green skin and scares. This look is inspired by horror movies. The greenish skin is because Frankenstein is dead and rotting, the bolts are present because the character was revived using electricity and the scares are because he was sewn together from different parts. Bride of Frankenstein costumes also include scares. They are most commonly seen with a tall wig of black hair with white streaks.

Making your own homemade Frankenstein costume can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. For a simple costume you can use green makeup, a blazer, neck bolts purchased from a costume supply store and a few other accessories. For a detailed homemade Frankenstein monster costume you could create elaborate scars and marks and stilts to make yourself taller since the monster is usually depicted as being very tall.

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